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Natasha Guitars

Dedicated to making pristine instruments since 2016, Natasha is a company that is keen on innovating and developing new ways around guitars. Whether it’s material sustainability, or instrument playability, we welcome you to try our guitars for a great surprise.


Our logo, a lowercase “n” gracefully entwined with a vibrant leaf, symbolizes the wood’s rebirth, divorced from the soil, and harmonizing uniquely with music, as we aspire to contribute our distinctive touch to the global guitar industry.

Product Promise

Crafted excellence for your musical journey

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High Quality

Guitars of Distinction – Uncompromising Quality.


Friendly Service

Worry-Free Support – Reach Out Anytime!


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Your Payment is Always Safe and Secure with Us.



Jam Responsibly – Green Guitars, Happy Planet


Charting Our Journey Through Time

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Our Luthier Team

High standards are met every step of the way to ensure the quality of the guitar

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Aaron Zhao

Founder & Chief Product Executive

    • Pursued guitar studies in Beijing (2005-2007).
    • Worked as a guitar teacher in Shenzhen (2008-2010).
    • Founded “Guitar Voice Studio” in 2011, expanding into wholesale and Tmall sales in 2013.
    • Introduced Natasha Guitars in 2016-2017, initiating handcrafted high-end guitar production in 2018.
    • Expanded production lines in 2019 and relocated the factory to Zheng’an.
    • Launched the International Department in 2021, and led the development of the bamboo guitar.
    • Led the development of the NBSG series in 2023.
    Natasha Guitar Factory Zhang

    Rong Zhang - Master Luthier

    20 years dedicated to guitar craftsmanship, from apprentice to master. Leading an independent studio, he epitomizes focused expertise in the new era.

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    Qiwang Li - Production Director

    Began studying instruments at 16, amassing over a decade of hands-on experience. Possesses fine craftsmanship skills and an leadership mindset.

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    Weiyi Zhang - Master Luthier

    With 20 years in guitar making, Weiyi Zhang won the first China Guitar Making Competition and co-founded Miloston Guitar Studio with German maker Wolfgang.


    Yuansong Bai - QC Specialist

    With an unwavering commitment to excellence, Bai ensures top-notch product quality control. Bai guards the standards of everything that passes by his hands.

    Factory Wholesale Solutions

    In our advanced facility, natasha fuses innovation with tradition. Our R&D team pioneers guitar design. As champions of unmatched quality, explore our instruments. Shape the future of music with our Wholesale program.

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