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Natasha showcased at 2024 NAMM Show

Natasha showcased at 2024 NAMM Show

During this year’s NAMM show, the Natasha Guitar Team showcasing a range of products including the NBSG new releasesHPL solar system, traditional acoustic guitars, and various other series. In a collaboration that generated significant excitement, Natasha Guitars partnered with Japanese fingerstyle player Kent Nishimura to unveil the highly anticipated new signature series KN-SE (Winter Bird) at the 2024 NAMM Show:


Renowned nylon string guitar player Roger Espinoza decided to join the Natasha family of guitar artists after discussions and trying out the instrument at the exhibition, committing to promoting NBSG nylon string guitars worldwide.

Larry Mitchell, an internationally renowned electric guitar player, is greeted with great respect by everyone who passes by. He spent a long time chatting and playing at Natasha’s booth, mentioning that he hadn’t bought a guitar in many years. Others always gave him guitars and invited him to perform. However, at Natasha’s booth this time, he played every guitar seriously and paid $500 to purchase a NBSG black nylon string guitar.

Daniel Padim, a Brazilian guitarist, world-class recording engineer, and guitarist, started learning guitar playing at the age of 8. Proficient in various music genres, he is also one of the final judges in the 2024 Natasha International Fingerstyle Competition:

Beyond the musical realm, Natasha’s team and the Japanese general agent JES Musical Instruments Company team indulged in local delicacies during their downtime at the exhibition. Discussions spanned topics such as the promotion of the competition, the Japanese market, and global guitar marketing. These engaging conversations not only deepened professional connections but also paved the way for collaborative initiatives that transcend the boundaries of the musical realm. In the spirit of harmonious collaboration, the exchange of ideas and experiences fostered a richer understanding and set the stage for future endeavors.

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