NATASHA: Bamboo Smart Guitar | Starry Sky Edition +

Smart Control Guitar/ Built-in sound card / Multi Pedal Effects / Mute Button / Wireless connection / Desktop


  • Our application has been updated and registration can now be completed normally by receiving the verification code. The English version of the agreement has also been updated.

  • When your phone is close to NBSG, you can use the tuning function in the app to tune, or you can adjust it through the tuner on the NBSG pickup system.

  • The app actually only enables effects that you’d be able to hear through earphones monitoring on the guitar itself or if you connect it to an amp. The effects don’t come out of the phone itself. You could record into the phone through the USBC converter cable and that would work as a playback recording on your phone.

– Whether or not GarageBand works with this guitar?

It certainly does. You can use the USBC cable included to transmit a high quality signal to your devices.

The Bluetooth function is made to pair the application to your guitar, and not the sound receiver itself. In addition, you could also use it to pair double Bluetooth and have audio from your phone playing right through the guitar as well.


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