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Copy of Competition 2024 (Copied on April 17)

2024 Natasha International Fingerstyle Competition

Semifinals Results

Congratulations to the 30 highest scoring contestants of the semifinals who will proceed to the finals!

Semifinals Ruleset

Submission Ruleset

  1. This round will select 30 participants who will make it to the finals.
  2. Must be filmed in one take with no cuts, guitar and face shown; video and audio must be recorded at the same time (different software is fine).
  3. Must display Natasha Competition Entry Sheet (on paper or mobile device before the performance). This cannot be edited in at the beginning.
  4. Post processing and effects are not allowed except for volume increasing tools.
  5. The submission must be over two minutes in length.
  6. Videos can be titled however you like, but you must include the website and #natashacompetition2024 somewhere in the description. Videos must be publicly posted to YouTube.
  7. You will get a confirmation from if your submission has been validated.

Sign up using the following application form

Click here

Sample template:

Name: Tommy Emmanuel Country: Australia Song Name: Angelina Piece Type: Original Composition Submission Link: Email:

Related Statements

  1. Natasha Guitars is the sole distributor of any information regarding the proceedings of this competition.
  2. Natasha retains the rights to repost the videos received during this competition.

Timeline of Events

  • Preliminary round will begin on January 2nd and end on February 29th.
  • Results for the prelims will be announced by March 10th selecting 100 people for the second round.
  • Semifinals will begin March 11th and end on April 10th.
  • Results for the semifinals will be announced April 20th with 30 people making it to the finals.
  • The draw will happen on April 20th along with the announcement.
  • Final round starts April 21st and ends July 15th.
  • You can submit for the final round as soon as you receive your guitar from the draw.
  • Results for the final round will be announced by July 31st and prizes will be shipped soon after.

Judging Criteria to Consider

  1. Performance: fluency, articulation, rhythm, dynamics, note clarity
  2. Accuracy (for covers only): detail perception, tone, groove
  3. Creativity (for arrangements and originals only): originality, completion, uniqueness
  4. Complexity: difficulty, depth, cohesiveness

A small note to consider is that originals tend to weigh the most in terms of grading, then arrangements, and then covers. This doesn’t mean you cannot stand a chance with a cover song, the difference is pretty small but could be the deciding factor between two great submissions.

Submission Notes

  1. Please follow the submission guidelines, your submission will be invalidated upon failure to do so.
  2. Participating on behalf of someone would result in immediate disqualification.
  3. All submissions will be graded with complete fairness and results published. Send us an email if you want to appeal your results.

Competition Entry Sheet


World class recording and performing artist from Brazil. He was also a finalist in the Acoustic Guitarist of the Year 2019 Competition in the UK.

Globally recognized guitar master from Japan with over 300,000 subscribers on YouTube. Often hailed by legends in the fingerstyle world such as Tommy Emmanuel as the best young musician in the genre.

A world renowned jazz fingerstyle guitarist with over 200,000 YouTube subscribers. Graduated with a bachelors in Jazz Performance at the Florida International University.

Renowned Dutch performing artist. She received first prize at the Francisco Mário International Prize for Modern Guitar.

A guitar player from Germany with over 200,000 combined fans across various social media platforms.

A guitar player from the United States; studies at the Berklee College of Music for the Guitar Performance Degree.

A respected guitar player from Thailand and the former winner of the Natasha International Fingerstyle Competition 2023.

Three-time grammy winning jazz guitarist from Brazil; graduate from the Berklee College of Music.

The Natasha Guitar Draw

After 30 finalists are selected from the second round, a draw that determines the Natasha guitar used for the final round will occur.

A random number from 1-30 will be generated and assigned to each finalist which will then be drawn for each guitar in the pool.

The guitar you draw will be the guitar used for the finals and you can keep it! lf you have a Natasha guitar already, you can use that for the finals as well.

Selecting to receive an NBSG is an option that finalists can elect for if they don’t wish to partake in the draw.

There will be one lucky winner picked by the judging panel who will receive a mystery guitar after the semifinals are over, so do your best to make a lasting impression from the very beginning!

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