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How long does it take for my order to arrive?

Upon purchase, our guitars will be shipped within two days, unless further clarifications or questions arise. Shipping times are determined by the carrier and may vary throughout the year. For instance, there might be extended waiting times during the Christmas season from November to January annually.

Our standard “Slow Shipping” takes approximately 40 days, while “Express Shipping” typically ranges from 7-15 days.

A tracking number will be provided at checkout. Please note that some tracking numbers are only applicable to US shipments and will be accessible once the item reaches the United States.

How can I track my order?

Upon completing your purchase, our guitars are dispatched within two days, unless further clarification is needed. Shipping times are carrier-dependent and can vary throughout the year, with potential delays during the Christmas season from November to January.

For tracking your order, you’ll receive a tracking number at checkout. Please be aware that some tracking numbers are only valid when it arrives at the designated country.

If you have any specific questions or concerns about your order, feel free to reach out to our support team at support@natashaguitar.com.

Which countries do you ship to?

We’re glad to tell you that we offer global shipping to the majority of countries worldwide. Our international shipping service allows customers from around the world to place orders seamlessly.

Please note that for shipments to the United States, we do not deliver to P.O. boxes, military and diplomatic addresses (including APO, FPO, and DPO).

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please feel free to contact our customer service at support@natashaguitar.com. For any additional uncertainties, please consult with our support team.

Why was my package returned?

There could be various reasons for package returns, including:

  1. Incorrect or incomplete address.
  2. Invalid phone number.
  3. Delivery challenges.

For further assistance, please reach out to our Customer Service at support@natashaguitar.com. You may also contact the shipping company for additional information.

Why does it show my package has been delivered when it hasn't arrived?

If your package tracking indicates delivery to your location, please check around porches, back doors, behind planters, your mailbox, or with other household members, neighbors, or the leasing/central receiving office if applicable.

In many cases, packages might be in your mailbox or signed for by neighbors. We recommend checking your mailbox and consulting with neighbors first. Alternatively, you can contact the shipping company with your tracking number and potentially phone number as well.

If you still cannot locate your package, please reach out to our Customer Service at support@natashaguitar.com for further assistance.

I have not yet received my package. Where is my order?

Please note that your estimated delivery date, including processing and delivery time, could vary and fluctuate. You can track your order on the Shipping Info page for details, using the provided trackable service.

If your estimated delivery date has passed and you haven’t received your order, please reach out to our Customer Service for further assistance at support@natashaguitar.com.

Where are your products shipped from?

We have our own warehouses in the United States and Europe, and we follow the principle of proximity for shipping. However, certain products are not stored in these warehouses. In such cases, we directly ship from our factory in China, which may result in longer delivery times. For specific details, please contact our customer service at support@natashaguitar.com.

What payment methods do you accept?

We offer a variety of secure payment options on our website, including Credit/Debit Card and PayPal. Our payment process ensures security, and we plan to introduce additional payment methods in the future to enhance your convenience.

Is it safe to use my credit card on here?

Absolutely. We prioritize your security, and all data is transmitted using SSL encryption. For Visa and Mastercard payments, we exclusively accept SET transactions (secure electronic transactions). Once your card’s inclusion in the SET system is confirmed, the system contacts your card-issuing bank for authorization. Once the bank verifies authenticity, the payment is processed. If verification fails, the order will be canceled. Your security is our top priority at Natasha Guitars.

Why can't I check out?

There could be four reasons:

  1. Out-of-stock items: Please check the stock count for items. If they are in low stock, other customers may have purchased them, preventing you from checking out. Remove these items and try checking out again.
  2. Shipping address: Confirm that your address and phone number are correct, or try editing them.
  3. Connection issues: If there’s a poor connection, refresh the page and try again.
  4. Free gift: Free gifts cannot be checked out individually.

For more details or assistance, feel free to contact us.

Where can I find my order number and check my order information?

Typically, we will send you tracking information via email once your order has been shipped. If you haven’t received the email or if there are no updates on the tracking page after your order has been shipped, please reach out to us for further details.

Contact us at: service@natashaguitar.com.

Why was my order canceled?
  1. Payment failure: Orders with failed payments will be canceled.

  2. Problem order: If we are unable to contact you regarding an address issue, your order will be canceled.

  3. Out of stock: If all items are out of stock, your order will be canceled. However, we will contact you before the cancellation process.

Can I change or modify my shipping address or product?
  1. For unshipped orders: Yes, you can contact us by email to request changes.
  2. For shipped orders: Unfortunately, once an order has been shipped, the shipping address or product cannot be changed.
Can I cancel my order?
  • Before shipment: Yes, you can contact us for cancellation.
  • After shipment: Once the order has been shipped from the warehouse, it can no longer be canceled. We appreciate your understanding.
Why didn't I receive an email about my order being shipped?

Why didn’t I receive an email about my order being shipped?

Typically, you should receive a shipping notification email after your order is shipped. If you haven’t received it, it could be due to the following reasons:

  1. No email address provided: Ensure you’ve provided your email address for order notifications when registering your Donner account or making the order.
  2. Email security settings: Check your email security settings, as the email may have been blocked as ads. You can also find the email in your junk email box.

For more details or assistance, feel free to contact us at support@natashaguitar.com.

How long does it take to receive a refund after a return?

Once the package is received, the refund will be processed within 5 days upon receipt and transferred to your original account. The timeline for receiving the refund is as follows:

  • Paid by Card: 8-15 business days.
  • Paid by Paypal: 7-14 business days.
How to apply for return online?

To apply for a return online on Donnerdeal, please contact our customer service via email for return authorization.

What should I do if my item/parcel is broken, not as described, or wrong?

If you encounter any issues with a broken, not as described, or wrong item/parcel, please follow these steps for the resolution process:

  1. Contact us by sending clear photos or a video clearly showing the exact problem.
  2. We will provide you with a satisfying solution within 24-48 business hours.

Contact us at: service@natashaguitar.com.

Why is the refund not the same as the item price?

If your order includes a coupon or other discount, the enjoyed discounts will be deducted from the actual refund. For example, if the item is $10 with a $1 discount, we will refund you $9 because you actually paid $9.

Where can I find the Return Address?

If you encounter any issues with a product/parcel or have questions about the return process, please contact our customer service for assistance at support@natashaguitar.com.

What items can't be returned?

The following items cannot be returned or exchanged:

  1. Items with signs of use, wear, damage, dings, scrapes, or lacking (if applicable) manuals, warranties, accessories, etc.
  2. Items marked as non-returnable and free gifts.
  3. Downloadable software products.

For more details, please refer to our Return Policy.

What is the status of my refund?

Typically, most returns can be processed within 5 business days upon receipt of item. However, please understand that though we initiate the refund to your card bank within 48 hours, and your card bank may require 8-15 business days to transfer the money to your card account. Unfortunately, we cannot control the processing speed of your bank. For detailed information, please contact your bank directly.

If the refund is to a PayPal account, it will take 7-14 business days.

We genuinely apologize for any inconvenience caused and appreciate your understanding. For more details, feel free to contact our customer service at service@natashaguitar.com.

Why isn't the discount/coupon code working?

There could be a few reasons:

  1. After entering the code, you might’ve forgotten to press the “apply” button.
  2. The promotion has ended, or the code has expired.

If none of the above reasons apply, please contact customer service for further assistance at service@natashaguitar.com.

Reward Program.

For more details, please check out our Reward Program.

KOL Program

Explore our KOL (Key Opinion Leader) Program for detailed information. By joining our KOL Program, you have the opportunity to collaborate with us in promoting high-quality products and expanding your influence in your respective field.

For more insights into our KOL Program, please refer to our KOL Program page. If you are interested in collaboration or have any inquiries, feel free to reach out to our team. We look forward to discussing potential partnership opportunities with you. Thank you for your interest and support in our brand!

Affiliate Program

Discover the possibilities with our Affiliate Program! We invite you to explore our Affiliate Program, where you can partner with us to promote top-notch products and earn commissions for every successful referral.

For comprehensive details on our Affiliate Program, please visit our Affiliate Program page. If you’re keen on collaboration or have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team. We’re excited about the prospect of working together and appreciate your interest and support in our brand!

Wholesale Program

For more details, please check out our Wholesale Program.

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